Solar Water System4


  1. Solar Collectors: Absorb sunlight and convert it into heat energy.
  2. Heat Exchanger: Transfers solar-generated heat to the water.
  3. Storage Tank: Stores heated water for later use.
  4. Circulation Pump: Circulates water between the collectors and storage tank.


  • Solar Absorption: Collectors absorb sunlight, heating a fluid within the system.
  • Heat Transfer: The heat exchanger transfers solar-generated heat to the water in the storage tank.
  • Circulation: A pump circulates water between the collectors and storage tank to maintain efficiency.
  • Temperature Control: Automatically adjusts to meet desired water temperature.
  • Backup System Integration: Can be integrated with conventional water heating systems for continuous hot water supply during cloudy days.

The Solar Water System offers a sustainable and energy-efficient solution for meeting hot water requirements while promoting environmental responsibility.