Automation & Perimeter Access Control System1


  1. Automated Gates/Barriers: Control access points using automated physical barriers.
  2. Access Control Panels: Manage and regulate access permissions for individuals.
  3. Biometric Readers: Utilize biometric identification for enhanced security.
  4. Surveillance Cameras: Monitor and record activities in and around access points.


  • Automated Entry/Exit: Controls gates, barriers, and doors through automated mechanisms.
  • Access Permissions: Grants or restricts access based on user credentials and permissions.
  • Biometric Authentication: Enhances security with biometric identification methods.
  • Event Logging: Records access events for auditing and analysis.
  • Alarm Integration: Triggers alarms in response to unauthorized access attempts or security breaches.

This comprehensive system provides a tailored approach to perimeter security and access control, ensuring a secure and efficient environment.