1. Hydrant Valve: Outlet for water discharge, connected to the water supply.
  2. Hydrant Pump: Pressurizes water for efficient distribution through the system.
  3. Hose Reel: Dispenses water through a flexible hose for targeted firefighting.
  4. Water Storage Tank: Stores an additional water supply for emergencies.
  5. Fire Hose: Delivers water from the hydrant to the nozzle.


  • Activation: Firefighters connect hoses to hydrant valves and operate the system using the hydrant pump.
  • Water Distribution: The hydrant pump pressurizes water, allowing for effective distribution through hoses and nozzles.
  • Versatile Application: Fire hoses and reels provide flexibility to reach different areas within a building.
  • Emergency Storage: Water storage tanks ensure a backup supply in case of water shortages.
  • Manual Control: Operated manually, allowing for immediate response to fire emergencies.